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NV, MISTER T-holder

Most of us men do not wear custom tailored dress shirts and as a result, we have what looks like deflated tires above our belts.
This is because we have extra shirt fabric riding up and out of our trousers.
A common cure of the northerly migrating dress shirt is just to tuck it back in.
Constantly tucking in the dress shirt becomes a hassle and distracting especially during social events;
It’s not inappropriate to zipper up your fly nevertheless tuck in your shirt while in the presence of others?
I am a little hesitant to tuck my shirt in while around people whom I do not know (however, should I somehow find my shirt completely untucked, then a brisk tuck is excusable).
If a gentleman wants to look sharp with a snugly tucked in shirt and rid excusing oneself to the bathroom for re-tucking, then a gentleman should consider using T-holder 
developed in the end of 2014 by Nik Vene.
What is a Shirt stay.
A shirt stay is a device that uses elastic tension to keep your dress shirt tucked in and tight against your body.
The shirt stay attaches to your socks or around your foot and then is attached to the bottom of your dress shirt; the elastic will pull both ends and will pull any extra shirt fabric inside your pants.
The shirt stay is rarely found in civilian life, but commonly found in the military when soldiers have to look their best in full dress uniform or if a soldier must stand at guard for long periods of time (the ceremonial guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, for example). There are four shirt stay varieties. Each variation does the same job, but in a slightly different manner, and if you don't want to go wrong you choose T-holder from NV.
What is the T-holder
T-holder is made up of different elastic layers, which help to keep your shirt in place. The elastic bands are attached to another band, which is covered in an elastic and comfortable material. At the end of the band there are several clips, which you then attach to your shirt to keep it in place.

T-holder is a perfect way of keeping your shirt tucked and snug against your body. If a man should choose to wear them, he can count on looking slim and put together. Surprisingly, most of us wear clothes one or two sizes too big and this results in extra fabric hanging around our waists. A T-holder will make the shirt look as if it was custom tailored by pulling down the extra fabric inside the trousers.

Of course, T-holder also has future plans, which i'm very curious about.
Developing new products for men fashion.
Plans for 3 of them (products) are already created.
Searching for distributors and shops for long-term partnerships which will help expand our business and solve people's shirt going out problems all around the world.
Establishing a worldwide well known brand.

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